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How to Translate Work Notes in Google Sheet

Well, we do find ourselves in a situation when we need to translate other languages to communicate with our employees and google translation in google sheets comes handy in this respect.

Google sheet Translate

Today the world has become a global village and you can hire virtual assistants from other parts of the world while sitting in your couch and when you hire virtual assistants from different parts of the world, you need them to put some notes concerning the work you entrusted them, so that you can have an idea whether how much work has been completed and or if some virtual assistant needs some help.

Well, being from different parts of the world, the first language of your virtual assistants may be different and when you allow them to write work notes in their local language, they find it easy and will be able to write as much clearly as possible.

And then you can just translate the notes into your concerned language which is English in my case and can reply them accordingly.

Google Translate

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