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Tips to Save Yourself from Tax Scams

In today’s world, you can find scams everywhere and the prominent one is tax scam which can happen through different channels e.g. phone calls, emails, or even in person. The scammers claim to be from the IRS, start demanding your money right away, or demand your sensitive personal and financial information, or start threatening to arrest you.

Unfortunately, some people fall victim of these scams and give their hard earned money or sensitive personal and financial information to these scammers and don’t think you’re the only one who has become a victim of these scammers. Such aggressive, threatening phone calls, emails, or in person scams are occurring regularly across the country.

It doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can help you from being scammed. You surely can protect yourself from the most common tax scams by keeping the general but very important following tips in mind.

Pay your tax on time:

Pay your tax on time

It is for sure a good idea of making tax payments on time as it will almost eliminate the possibility of being scammed. And if you receive any phone call or email mentioning that your tax is due, you surely can report that anonymous phone call or email right away.

No Instant tax payment demand from IRS:

Instant Payment Demand From IRS

If there comes a time due to which you find yourself unable to pay your taxes on time then the IRS surely have payment plans for your convenience and will never call you to demand immediate tax payment. All you need is to request IRS a payment plan (short term or long term) to pay your taxes in full within the extended time frame with ease.

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No Fabricated Ways of Tax Payments:

Fabricated Ways of Tax Payments

It is really important to keep in mind that IRS will never ask you to make your tax payment to an organization other than the U.S. Treasury. And it will also never ask you to pay your taxes by some unknown wire transfer or by buying them some gift cards etc.

The IRS offers several payment options where taxpayers can pay their tax liability.

Here are some ways to make tax payments:

      • Direct Pay
      • Credit or Debit Cards
      • Installment agreement
      • Mobile App

Direct Pay: with IRS Direct pay, taxpayers can pay their taxes directly from their checking or savings accounts for free and they will receive instant confirmation once they’ve made a payment.

Credit or debit cards: Taxpayers can also pay their taxes by debit or credit card online, by phone or with a mobile device. It will be free or some convenience fee may apply.

Installment agreement: Those who are unable to pay their tax immediately will be able to make monthly payments by having short term or long term payment plans.

Mobile App:  The IRS have also introduced an app named IRS2Go for making tax payments via mobile device. A taxpayer can use it to pay his/her tax liability.

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No Hostile Behavior by IRS:

No Hostile Behavior by IRS

The IRS will never conduct an aggressive and threatening behavior to immediately bring in police saying we will have you arrested for not paying the taxes. The IRS has its mechanisms in place to allow you to come forward to talk about the unpaid taxes. If you don’t want to go to IRS directly then talking to an authentic tax attorney can also help you learn about your rights and options.

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Tax Scamming Emails:

Tax Scamming Emails

Tax scammers can also send you fraudulent emails to steel your sensitive personal and financial information. These emails are designed to look like legitimate and you by considering them authentic, can easily fall for them.

There is no simple way to completely avoid email phishing attacks. But the easiest way to avoid these scams is not to reply such emails and or by never clicking on the links that are included in email messages.

Tax Knowledge and Awareness is key!

Tax Knowledge and awareness is key

It is understandable that you (taxpayer as a layman), can’t have all the possible information about the tax system, (tax knowledge, tax complexity, and tax compliance etc.) but at least you should have some basic information about taxes so that you can save yourself from the scams that are happening across the country.

So, if you observe anything doubtful while getting prepared and filing your taxes by someone else, you should refer the IRS website “” for more information and or call them directly to avoid tax scam.


Let’s face it, most people dislike tax season. It can be stressful, confusing and financially painful but learn how to protect yourself from the most common tax scams which may come in different forms.


Making My Home Energy Efficient

Having an energy efficient home is not a dream anymore and people around the world can make their home much energy efficient by making some changes and sure those changes are not only cost effective in the long run but also environmentally friendly.

Energy efficient home means that you simply have more energy for less. You don’t need to install some sort of sophisticated machinery in your home to make your home energy efficient, even simple architectural changes can serve the purpose.

Like, if you are building/constructing your home then it becomes easier to design it the way it is recommended to be energy efficient to conventional way of making or constructing homes. It’s even thought that going green is expensive as it requires all modern time sophistications that make a home energy efficient and environment friendly, but studies and surveys show that spending a little more investment at the time of designing and constructing saves 10 times more in the long term than it spent on conventional type of designing and construction.

Even though, if your home is constructed in a conventional way, you still can bring so many changes that make it energy efficient. Like installing solar panel systems,  they do not use conventional type of expensive natural resources, e.g. coal, gas, and oil to generate electricity rather it absorbs sunlight to generate electricity.

Making my home energy efficient, Going Green 4

Insulation is also helpful as it provides resistance to heat flow and carefully insulated home not only decreases heating and cooling costs but also it increases coziness too. There are four types of insulations you can choose from and use in your home.

  • Blown in insulation (Cellulose and Fiberglass)
  • Spray foam insulation ( Open and closed cell)
  • Blankets of insulation (Fiberglass and Rockwool)
  • Foam board insulation (Eps, Xps, and ISO)

Making my home energy efficient, Going Green 1

Proper ventilation is another source of more energy efficient home as properly placed windows and doors keep the home impeccably cool during summer season. It is also a great source of light as there comes no need to use bulbs to lighten your home during day time at all.

Making my home energy efficient, Going Green 2

Using the latest technology base home appliances that are labeled as “energy star certified”  not only save a sufficient amount of your monthly billing but also such appliances require less cost of maintenance as compare to the old convention type of appliances. The proper familiarity of operating such appliances at the most efficient mode is also important to maximize their efficiency. If you even plan to go on some vacation, you need to unplug the appliances even if they are off because there is still an energy that is getting wasted.

Making my home energy efficient, Going Green 3

Traditional type of lighting also has a huge impact on your monthly billing expenses. Such bulbs which are known as tungsten filament or GLS (general lighting services) and were designed 100 years ago are highly considered as inefficient in the current and for the upcoming eras. Converting from these bulbs to more sophisticated like compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and light emitting diodes (LED) can help both in energy usage and savings.

Making my home energy efficient, Going Green 5

Last but not the least is to plant trees around your home or in the locality. Their shade in the scorching summer heat will keep your house cool and it will decrease the energy usage of Air Conditions that are used in such a hot season.

Making my home energy efficient, Going Green 6

Many governments, semi government, private, non-profit organizations, Agencies and programs like US Green Building Council (USGBC), The Green Building Initiatives (GBI), the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), The Green Communities Initiative (GCI), The National Association of Home Builders (NAoHB) etc.  are trying hard to disseminate the information and educate people  by doing surveys, studies, conferences, etc. at all levels from ground to huge business empires. The outcome of their effort is significant and not only the people from every walk of life but also the huge business organizations are adopting it.

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