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How to add subtotals in QuickBooks Desktop

Add subtotals in QuickBooks Desktop and apply them to an invoice.

Well while writing an invoice, it’s important to include subtotals especially when an invoice includes both service and inventory items to provide a clear breakdown of the costs involved in a transaction. It helps the customer understand the total cost of their purchase, and allows them to verify the accuracy of the invoice.

How to add subtotal in quickbooks desktop and apply to an invoice.
Adding subtotals in quickbooks desktop

Well, the subtotal is the sum of all the items or services being charged for, before any taxes or discounts are applied and normally subtotal section is typically located towards the bottom of the invoice, just above the tax and total sections. It should include a detailed list of each item or service being charged for, along with the corresponding price. If applicable, any discounts or credits should also be reflected in the subtotal section.

Including a subtotal on an invoice not only helps to ensure accuracy, but also provides transparency and builds trust with the customer. It demonstrates that the business is being upfront and honest about the costs involved, and that they are committed to providing a clear and detailed breakdown of the transaction.

Anyhow, in this tutorial we will see whether how we can apply subtotals to an invoice in quickbooks desktop.

add subtotals in quickbooks and apply to an invoice

And, I hope this tutorial will be helpful for someone out there and Thanks for Watching.


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