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How to Copy and Paste Links from Edge Browser

In this tutorial, we will see whether how we can copy and paste links instead of titles using edge browser.

Well, while working, we find ourselves in a situation to share links for references and when we copy the link of an article from edge browser, instead of coping and pasting the link, it just paste the title of the article embedding the link in it. Apparently, it’s not an issue as it’s just a matter of preference whether how someone wants to manage the links.

Copy and Pasting Links from Edge Browser
Copy and Pasting Links from Edge Browser

On the other hand, if we copy and paste a link from google browser, it doesn’t paste it as a title and which is pretty much convenient and upon searching, I found that that i need to make a simple change in the edge browser setting to let it paste links instead of titles.

So, in the following tutorial, I will show you whether how you can change the setting and let it paste as links instead of titles.

Copy and Pasting Links from Edge Browser

I hope this will be helpful for someone out there and don’t forget to support by liking, subscribing, and sharing your thoughts in the comments section.


Author: M. Javed

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