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How to Create Time Sheet with Break Time and Overtime Payments

In this tutorial, we will see whether how we can create a time sheet which includes the payment calculation of an employee’s break time and overtime and then we will create an invoice and save it as pdf file.

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Different companies have difference approaches regarding the compensation of their employees’ break times (like lunch and tea time) & overtime which they elaborate in their company policies. And when you work as a freelancer, mostly the break times are not paid and overtime is compensated at the same or regular hours rate.

Time Sheet or Time Tracker Image
Time Sheet or Time Tracker

Well, whatever the case may be, an employee should track his/her time to know whether how many hours he/she worked for a particular day and split them to see the regular and overtime hours to know the daily gross earnings and to know that, watch the following tutorial where we will learn whether how we can create a time sheet or time tracker which includes the payment of break time and over time, and after find that we will create it as an invoice and save it as pdf file.

Topics discussed in this tutorial:
  • 00:05 Intro
  • 00:40 Calculate hours worked with different shifts (Morning, Evening, Midnight)
  • 06:00 Split the hours worked into Regular and Overtime hours
  • 11:00 Convert the Regular and Overtime hours into numerical form
  • 11:45 Find the Regular and Overtime hours payments separately.
  • 12:45 Find the Daily Gross Earnings/payment
  • 13:10 Sum up the total number of hours and find the total gross earning/payment
  • 15:10 Creating an Invoice
  • 17:00 Save invoice as pdf file
Watch the tutorial on Youtube:
Time sheet or time tracker with break time and overtime payments

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